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Is Hate ever Justified by the Bible?

Many try to use the Bible to justify hate. Does the Bible Ever encourage hate? Come find out what God really says and how we should respond


Is Your Identity Safe?

This question came to my mind last week when someone hacked into and took complete control of my Facebook page.  We all know that it's sadly a common occurrence these days, but inside nobody really thinks it will happen to them personally...until it does. And all of the sudden someone has changed your email and… Continue reading Is Your Identity Safe?

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4 Steps to Fortify Your Life with God’s Word.

All of us could use some strengthening in areas of our lives in one way or another. The nation of Israel, way back in 5th Century B.C., was in need of some fortifying too.  After being captive in Babylon, they started to return home to Jerusalem.  But everything had been destroyed.  It all needed to… Continue reading 4 Steps to Fortify Your Life with God’s Word.