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Come Along with me as I prepare my Heart & Home for Christmas!

Come along with me as I prepare my heart & home for the upcoming Christmas season! ❤️

I’ll be sharing what’s been on my playlist, as well as what’s been on my heart.

Plus, Christmas decor on a budget & much more!!

Preparing my heart through corporate Worship! ❤️

Photos of a couple slides from the sermon the other Sunday. Thank you Jesus for offering life and an abundance of grace freely for us. May we always remember what is offered for free to us, came at a great price to You. Amen.

If you’ve never experienced God’s abundance of grace and free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ, today can be that day. I invite you to turn to Jesus and be saved. 🥰

Preparing the Home: Budget Decorate with Me!

If you’ve kept up with the blog recently, you’ll know that the Lord rerouted our plans at towards the beginning of 2022. [If you don’t know, read about it here! 😊]

At the start of the year we had goals to buy the house where we lived in Kentucky.

My husband was pastoring a Hispanic congregation and was working on plans to move to a building more in the heart of the Latino community.

We were very content and comfortable in my small hometown, near to family and friends.

But God…😊

My other mother DIYed this, she always surprises me with handmade seasonal decor! 🥰

Now we are living in another state in a big city and different demographic. Housing costs have more than doubled for us and salary is a little less than before.

That’s not to complain, just to say this year wasn’t a year to go on a decor shopping spree! (Although I so wanted to! hehehe)

I HAD to make what I already owned work.

But I’ve found it’s these moments where the Lord grows me: both in creativity & contentment!

And just so you know…Fashionista I am not. So, decorating doesn’t come naturally to me.

But I like to observe and learn from others.

Jonathan’s sister, however, does have that naturally ability. One of her nicknames is the Fashionista of the family.

Jonathan’s sister’s decorations for some inspo:

She is my go-to when I’m decorating (even though she lives 5 hours away)!

In our new house, the walls are a different color so the table runner I used last year clashed.

So I kinda had to start anew with the table decor. When I got stuck, the Fashionista helped me with the finishing touches.

Also, this Budget Friendly Table Setting Ideas video by Jenna Pierce helped me sooo very much in taking my random leftover blue ribbon and odds and ends to create a cohesive tablescape.

One key that I learned from the video is to choose a color (mine is blue) and repeat it at least 3 times for the arrangement to look cohesive.

Here I’m taking a break with some of my homemade cinnamon-ginger tea. Find the recipe here!

God is so good!

The only 2 things I bought this year for the table were the gold chargers from Dollar Tree along with the glass cake stand that the crown is placed on—Goodwill $2.99!

The sweet little pinecone tree in the corner was another Goodwill find this year I just couldn’t pass up—$4.99.

The candlesticks + blue glasses were hand-me-downs from my mom. The gold candles + Bible ornament were gifts from her.

The plates are also Dollar Tree, the napkins are a yard sale find from many years ago. Napkin rings were also a gift from years back.

The blue ribbon was the last remnant of a roll that’s been sitting in a box for years.

A few years ago we bought the table runner from HomeGoods and the crown from Hobby Lobby.

My Dollar Tree Garland

The pre-lit garland was $8 at Dollar General a couple years ago. All the flowers, ornaments, etc. came from Dollar Tree—With the exception of the ribbon, 3 blue glass ornaments & the 2 gold berry picks. But it can easily be done with ribbon & pure DT decor.

We painted the China cabinet from natural oak to this blue so it doesn’t contrast as well as before. But I still like it. Next year maybe I’ll incorporate darker blue to connect with the table.

New Additions

An Impromptu Santos Christmas Dinner + a Moment to Meditate on Christ.

ALDI had stuffed salmon for sale last week so we picked up a package. Then we decided since I’d just decorated the table & we won’t be in our home for Christmas, we should have an impromptu Santos family Christmas dinner. ❤️

So I popped the salmon in the oven and reheated some leftover pork with blueberry sauce.

Then Jonathan read some Scriptures & it was a beautiful time together reflecting on how God fulfills every word He speaks and the unfathomable love that He has shown through Christs humble birth, His humiliating death and His victorious raising from the grave and ascending to heaven once more.

And we are thankful that as sure as He came, He will come again and set all things right. And so thankful for the moment to slow down the pace and remember what matters most. 🥰🥰🙌🏻🙌🏻

Passages we read: (Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:18-25; Isaiah 9:6-7; Luke 1:26-38; Micah 5:2; Psalm 90:2)

I encourage you to make a spur-of-the-moment memory this week. Take a spontaneous stop in your schedule and be intentional with these precious days.

Make some time to be present with others and in the Presence of Christ.

{If you’re in need of some ideas, you can use the passages above as a starting point.}

[Also, be sure to check out How Focusing on Christ can Help a Hurting Heart during the Holidays and find 4 Ways you + I can focus on Jesus.]

What’s been Playing on my iPhone

#1. Must-worship Christmas Music Playlist: Prepare Him Room by Sovereign Grace

#2. I’ve also been listening to Christmas Classics by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Not all of the songs are worship music.

But a majority of the songs are well-beloved Christian Christmas carols. —There’s the option in the drop down menu to skip to the song you prefer.

Listening to the classic hymns in symphony form has been such a beautiful time of worship also.

#3. The Daily Grace Co. is a Christian Women’s podcast. Listen to: Five Minute Meditations: Seeking Hope in the Holiday Hustle. I noticed they have a second one—seeking peace. I encourage you to check them out.

My Favorite Christmas Movie!!

The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah.

This animated musical based on Luke’s account is so well-done it amazes me.

They’ve set more than 4 passages of Scripture to Song!!

It begins with the promise made to the prophet Simeon that he won’t die before seeing the Savior

The prophet Simeón seeing God’s promised to him fulfilled.

Find it here on

My First 3-Minute Devotional on Prayer

Each month I’ve been translating and posting a 3-Minute Devotional on Prayer by my mother-in-law, Ada Santos.

A few days ago, I joined her with this first one I’ve written.

After studying anew the passages of Gabriel giving the news to Mary, Mary’s response and the announcement that Christ had been born, I was inspired to write this one.

I hope it is of blessing to you.

If you have 3 minutes, I invite you to read it HERE.

Worship Service en Español

Christ is our Peace.

Last year right before Christmas, a tornado ripped through Mayfield, KY where my husband lived before we were married.

I wrote a blog post about how Christ is our Peace….

…After, and in the midst, of the storm.

I invite you to Check it out here.

My husband leading worship.

We started off singing “How Great is Our God” in Spanish.

O how true it is, who else would do & could do what He did? He truly is great above all and there is none like Him!

Lastly, A Christmas Poem

Last week, I accompanied a couple from church to a Bible study at a retirement community.

A lady, who is about to turn 100 years old, shared this poem that she found a few years back.

It was the night before Christmas, God glanced o’er the earth. 
He looked to and fro all over its girth.
“They missed it again”, He said with a sigh,
A heavy heart & a tear in His eye
“I gave them My Son so they could be free.
My greatest gift to them from me.
They traded me in for a man in red,
a little tree, a horse drawn sled.
How do I save them and make them see
My love is complete, my grace is free,
How do I help them when all they know
Is a talking snowman and a box with a bow?
Maybe next year they will stop and see
The greatest gift of Christmas is the little child from Me.”
Rita Newsome

May we never be women who trade the greatest & only eternal gift of Christmas—Jesus Christ, God’s path to salvation.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Lauri

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And I’d love to know how you’re preparing for Christmas this year! Let me know in the comment section below!

As always,

Be Kind. Be Encouraging. Be a Multiplier!

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