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In the Kitchen


Our kitchens and the food that flows out of them are the result of mixing together various special ingredients.

Merriam-Webster defines kitchen as:

1.) the place (such as a room) with cooking facilities 2.) the personnel that prepares, cooks and serves food 3.) CUISINE

Because a kitchen is more than a room where one prepares food, no 2 are exactly the same.  Each has its own style and flavor–because each of us is as unique as the food we prepare.

The Santos Kitchen Recipe

1 Part Southern family + 1 Part Mexican family

3 dashes of spicy + 5 spoonfuls of sugar

Add generous helping of Love, Faith & Hope

Toss in Laughter & Good Times

Serve up with a side of Understanding & Forgiveness

Seasoned with the Spice of Life


This is how the Santos Family cooks it up!


What’s Your Family Recipe?



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